Sewing, solar and spillage

Look at the alliteration on that title! Prettyyyyy nice. The time spent thinking that was up was in NO WAY related to me procrastinating the huge pile of crap I have to do. No way, no how. Ahem.

Anywho, in no particular order


I finally got my sewing machine out again and after a few rather tangled false starts (turns out foot tension is super important guys) I finally got back into the swing of it and made a cover for the battery bank ‘hole’. The sticky backed velcro keeps peeling off the wood so I think I’ll have to glue it on with epoxy but it’s a start. Also I still need to make a cover to go over the actual battery terminals but baby steps!

You can see the two USB wires coming out (config wires for alt and BMS) – I ended up using a sticky hook to hold them in place.


Really I haven’t done much with this and just am putting this into this update to make the alliteration work. Long story short – I bought another 300 watts (2 100 and 2 50) of rigid panels and am halfway through making mounts for them. More later.


I’ve decided to move my heater down 8 inches in order to

a) increase the chimney length a touch

b) since I removed the cushion it can lie flat on the bottom of the bulkhead which looks nice

c) increases the flow from the gravity tank (due to increased gravity increased drop)

I really stupidly started this at 9 o clock at night and in short order managed to drop the whole weight of the thing on my hand while simultaneously spilling diesel from the fuel lines everywhere. Meaning my boat and I smell like an extra from Mad Max: Fury Road. Suddenly the memories of just how much a pain in the arse this was to install have come flooding back. I’ve just given up on it for tonight and am going to bed. Buggerit

In other news I sold my bike! I’m actually really sad about this since I’ve had it since I first moved to Ottawa 9 years ago, and then it moved across the country with me and never let me down, despite the seat being more of a concept at the end than an actual functioning bum rest. Ah well.

I had to sell it as no room on boat for it, and the next week I am in Ottawa and week after that in the boatyard so…

End of an era. Farewell, sweet prince.

23 days to go.

And a big DOUBLE THANKYOU to my Aunt Sarah for her Patreon donation. Much appreciated!




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