Installing the heater Flue part 2: Brrrrrrr

So I woke up the next morning to find a small hole from the centre of the hole saw in the ceiling and snow on the ground



So I carried on with the hole saw and managed to finally get through the headliner



Deciding to drill from the top I discovered the hole would go through the teak hand rail. UGH.

So I had to cut the end off :(. I’ll sand the end off to a nice finish a bit later.



Finally the hole was finished!


However, it wasn’t flat for the throughhull piece, so out came the fiberglassing.

Trying to fiberglass stuff when its -3c out is NOT one of my smartest ideas, finally I finished though sealing the inside of the hole as well.

The next day I checked on it and disaster – the cold weather meant that it cured really slowly, and so it had kind of leaked down the slope.

My second attempt was using marine-tex. This went a lot better and I built up a portion to make a flat surface for the through-hull.

You can see where the yellow epoxy ran everywhere :. I should have just used marine-tex from the start, I’m gonna have to do a lot of sanding to clear that up.



Now hopefully tomorrow it will have cured fully and I can sand it down and mount the throughhull piece, meaning I no longer will have a giant hole in my roof!



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