Installing the heater Flue part 1: Making a mess

So with all the parts of my heater in place, it was time to install the Flue!

First, I marked off the length I needed to saw off the pipe.



Then I cut the pipe with my beasty electric saw and a special metal blade.

This was… traumatic. It made a horrible noise and bounced around like crazy (I don’t have a vice clamp because I’m an idiot) and I am just thankful I managed to finally get it done without sawing off my hand or foot.

Next, I marked out the location to cut the hole in the ceiling *gulp*

IMG_20141127_161613 (1)

Then… it was time.

As it turned out I stopped VERY quickly afterwards, since I hadn’t reckoned on the amount of shit that would fly everywhere. This is me after 30 seconds


It wasn’t just on me, it was EVERYWHERE. I will have to put down some sheets or something before I try again.

This is how far I got:



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