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Mast work (part 4)

Now, with all the hardware and conduit installed, it was time to run the wires. This was a royal pain in the arse. First I removed all the old wire Then I laid out all the wires, there were 9 of them. Next, I ran the spreader...

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Mast work (part 3)

Time to run conduit! I had zero idea how to do this, and panicked about it for a while before buying a ton of 10 foot PVC piping from home depo. How do I move it? In Lola the Corolla of course! If I can fit a boat in here,...

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Mast work (part 2)

Another day, another few hours of fiddling around with aluminium. First was to finish taking all the old hardware off the mast. Next, I decided to install the Davis Windex (a big stick with an arrow basically, that shows you...

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Mast Work (part 1)

There is no cellphone or wireless signal in Sooke, so I am typing this on a BC Ferry on the way back from Vancouver. Having pulled the mast, I then felt slightly overwhelmed for the next couple of days and just procrastinated...

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