Mast work (part 3)

Time to run conduit!

I had zero idea how to do this, and panicked about it for a while before buying a ton of 10 foot PVC piping from home depo.

How do I move it? In Lola the Corolla of course! If I can fit a boat in here, piping is no problem.


At the mast, I took it all out and laid it on the floor, and glued up two conduits, one to go up the spreaders, and one to the masthead.



I ran a messenger line through each conduit and pushed them into the mast






Next, I had to rivet the conduit in place. No pictures because after five hours of this I wanted to KILL MYSELF SO BAD, it was really fiddly. And slow. And boring. Ughhhhhh. It consisted of drilling holes, trying to drill the conduit at the same time and then snapping into place with an aluminium rivet.

Eventually I got them riveted in, this took almost the entire day. UGHHHHH

As a lovely cap to the day, I decided to take the teak facade off and look at my compression post just before I went to bed

This is what I found after poking at it with a screwdriver



UHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?! Pretty glad the roof didn’t collapse when the mast was up!

Deciding that I would deal with it in the morning, I went to bed.





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