Searching for the cure

So there were like a billion ‘cure’ jokes I could have put here but I decided on the one above. You are welcome.

Long and short of it, temperatures have plummeted and it’s too cold for the marine-tex to fully cure. Which means I have a huge damn hole in my roof still and it’s below freezing.

I came up with an idea – why not put something over the TOP of the hole, and then the heat from the cabin would gather over the hole and the marine-tex, hopefully giving it enough heat to cure!

I tried a bowl lined with tinfoil, but it was just too small, so then I used…. a frying pan.


Yes, I have a frying pan duct-taped to the top of my boat. I have no idea what the neighbours think.




  1. I was going through your collection of diesel heater posts as you have them bundled here and then came across this one that you left out of the collection. Why? It definitely belongs in the heater install saga!

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