Hooking up the heater fuel line

Holy CRAP this was a pain in the arse. It combined all the million-different-fittings joy of plumbing (WHICH I HATE. I HATE PLUMBING) along with mucking around with copper lines along with the added joy of that if something leaked, instead of spraying water around it sprayed diesel instead. Which is a lot less easy to clean up.

Anyway, after buying about a billion goddamn fittings



I started the install. And immeditaly ran into the first problem – the damn 2nd output on the rancor filter was firmly glued in placed. Even putting a wrench on it and kicked it failed to shift it.

Damn, time for a second plan. For a while  I flirted briefly with putting in a dedicated pickup for the heater from the main fuel tank, after discovering a second port. However, it was a non-standard size, being 1/4″ so I’d have to fabricate my own. Ugh.

In the end I just put a t in the fuel line after the rancor filter – this means I can’t run the engine and fill the day tank at the same time, but the tank holds around 30 hours of fuel so it’s not a big deal.

IMG_20150103_163536 (1)


This was then followed with a fuel shutoff switch



And then I ran the fuel line all the way to the back of the boat. I then mounted the fuel pump and fuel tank



I then connected the fuel hose to the intake of the pump, connected the output to the tank and then tried to switch on the pump. Nothing.

Until I released that I had left the cut off switch down. Oops.

Once that was fixed fuel started flowing through the tank and into a container I had there.

Next was to connect the copper lines from the heater to the tank.

THIS WAS A GIANT PAIN and I had to buy a flaring kit, a pipe bender and another coil of 3/8 tubing after I cocked up the first one multiple times.

FINALLY, it was all hooked up!

tube1 tube2

Next, the electrical!


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