Adding more anchor chain

So I’ve been toodling around with 60ft of G4 5/16s chain and 350′ of line rode for my anchoring system, but after reading too much online about chafe, line heat melting and death I decided to add another 150′ of G4 chain, for a total of 210′ of anchor chain. Side note: chain is expensive, but death is a big deal (although tbh 60′ has been totally fine so far)

Anyway due to deciding that lugging 150lbs of anchor chain around on my bike was a bad idea, Phil very kindly gave me a ride to the marine store to help pick up the chain and we humped it into the marina (using the worlds worst dock cart) and laid it out on the slip to mark.

I’d bought two colours of spray paint, red and green (being the festive person I am) and to be honest I was two ciders in at this stage so the marking didn’t make as much sense as it could have, going RED, RED/GREEN, RED/GREEN/RED, GREEN, back to RED with markings at every 25 feet. The fancy colour scheme of the line rode it ain’t. I’m sure it’ll all work out though! This will be connected to the other anchor chain via a standard shackle, as I don’t have a windless so don’t have to worry about it going through the chain gypsy. I have a mantus anchor bridle which I got a while ago I will use a snubber, with the chain soft-shackled to the samson post as a backup. I’m hoping that I will sail around at anchor a bit less now.

Still to discover: how easily I’ll be able to hand bomb the whole thing in and out without having to use a chain hook. It’ll give these guns a bit of a work out *flexes sadly*

Lastly a big thank you to Chris and a double big thank you to David, Bruce and Mum for chipping in on the patron. Very, very much appreciated.




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