New anchor rode

A while ago I bought 350 ft of new anchor rode to replace the 200 ft I already had (giving me a total of 410ft, with the 60ft chain I have). The old rode was old as hell and was starting to look as knarly as me after a couple o’ rum shots, so time to change. Also – 250′ total rode isn’t really enough once you start anchoring in depths over 60′ (not uncommon in desolation sound, central coast etc etc)

The nice new box of rode then sat in my cockpit for several months as the carboard box it arrived in slowly disintegrated, while I procrastinated sewing on markers (I didn’t want to use plastic zipties again as they tend to fall off and then add to the plastic in the oceans – also they tear up your hands if you are not careful.)

After Emma fell over it a few times while sailing and a few stern words aimed at my lack of basic safety later it got shoved into the cabin, where it lay about generally being shit and getting in the way. BUT THEN – my friend Karin from Germany came to stay with me for a few days, and in an attempt to be the BEST GUEST EVER sewed on all the tags! And provided a colour chart! Thanks Karin!

New rode and old rode. Note the old 3 strand takes the same room as the almost twice length of nice new braided.

It all fits in my (extremely tiny) anchor locker! Hooray.

Cross another thing off the list!

Oh, and so I can look this up after I lose the colour key, here it is (note the chain goes to 60ft)

75′ Blue

100′ Red

125′ Red-Light Brown

150′ Red-Black

175′ Red-Blue

200′ Dark Brown

225′ DB-Brown

250′ DB-Black

275′ DB-Blue

300′ Tartan

325′ Tartan-Brown

350′ Tartan-Black

375′ Tartan-Blue

400′ Dark Blue



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