Setting up a Patreon

So with 30 DAYS LEFT (NB: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa) I’ve decided to set up a patreon account as I will be soon be doing rather more interesting stuff (I hope). This basically gives people the option to pay a small amount of money each month to me which helps cover the cost of hosting etc.

I actually feel kind of awkward about this as my writing has always just been something I do and I never had any intention to monetise the blog – however unlike a lot of the current Vlogs on Patron, I am already fully self-funded for all the trip, but have decided to setup a Patreon as any extra money helps and ithelps cover server costs. And why not. And also Bruce kept suggesting it ;).

This will still mostly be a written blog. On passages, I will update daily at around noon with the happenings of the previous day (it’s not like I’ll have much else to do) via my SSB modem and other times it’ll probably be weekly. There may be a few videos thrown in there, depending on if I get the hang of video editing and it doesn’t look totally rubbish.  I chucked a few rewards in there, including some postcard sending along with some other daft stuff.

Again, this is TOTALLY optional and everything will still be published free as usual (aside from the red hot ‘pictures of my breakfast’ reward)

Signup link is here

And there is a link on the right sidebar.

In other news, I went racing on Zaff again this weekend (cos why not, it’s not like I have to prepare for anything right) and on Saturday we had 25-35 knots. Of course, Phil threw up the spinny (one of the only boats to) and we accelerated past everyone else at 14 knots, planing our way to glory until the collective hubis led to the inevitable massive wipeout. Worth it though! Totally sick photo by Optical Illusion Racing


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