Grabbing a bunch of last minute bits and bobs

So I leave to go to Ottawa tomorrow and then when I return I immediately go to the boatyard so I’ve been scrambling this last weekend to get as many things done as possible. Not helped by literally everyone I know taking advantage of the fine weather and going to do fun things like sailing, drinking, hiking, drinking etc etc… however by a mammoth force of will I managed to ignore all that and get a ton of stuff done. First, the New Fun Thing I got.


My speargun arrived! I got a Seac Sub Sting Spear Gun which apparently is a super solid beginner gun. Nothing fancy but decent. Why did I buy a speargun now despite having never gone spearfishing before? Because apparently spearfishing is a big thing in the tropics, but guns are super pricey down there so it makes sense to buy one before you go. Also of note – I can’t believe you can just buy these off the internet. It looks pretty lethal.

Finished moving the f’ing heater

So this was a real pain. Final total to move the heater down eight inches: 6 hours. And a whole lot of mess.

Installed rail mounts for water jerry cans

So I replaced the old board that I used to strap fuel jerry cans onto with two pieces of stainless rail a while ago and I thought I’d written about it but I can’t find it now so maybe I didn’t?! ANYWAY I finally got around to doing the other side and will strap water jerry cans on there. Which I’ve ordered but accidentally sent to my work office (which I am away from for the next two weeks). Hope they don’t find the cans sat at my desk!

Finished mounting another 300 watts of solar panels

I am going to do another posting on this in detail of my mounting system but here is a pic! This was another job that was a massive pain in the arse, though my drill press saved the day. (shortly before I get rid of it)


Selling/Giving away stuff

So I’ve been selling/giving away stuff like crazy, including my space heater, electric bug zapper, my old Milwaukee vacuum (decent but too big – I tried buying a smaller one from a second hand store but the instant I turned it on the ENTIRE boat smelled like wet dog, so I returned it and got a pretty nice tiny dust buster new), one of the two flexible solar panels that I bought and never ended up using (got 80% of the price back so that’s nice) and am still angling to get rid of my old Hebridean windvane (sniff). I also have a dodger/bimini frame I am selling if anyone wants it cheap.

Ordering MORE stuff

So in addition to all that I decided that spending more money would be good and ordered a new ladder from up and out ladders. These are collapsible ladders that can be pulled down from the water, and I am getting one to replace the stern mounted ladder, which is being replaced by the fleming wind vane that is sat in Orcas right now.

I also ordered this Froli sleep system which has RAVE reviews from everyone that’s tried it. Basically, it’s a modular box springs that make your bed way comfier, and they do V Berth versions. I’ve had my foam almost 4 years (!) and have been sleeping in my V Berth most that time, so the foam is starting to go hard. This lots cheaper than new foam and apparently tons better. WE WILL SEE.

Anyway I need to pack for next week and go to bed so that’s it for tonight.

And a big THANK YOU to Bruce W for donating to the blog! Very much appreciated!




  1. Be aware with the speargun – some places it’s illegal. Like Cayman.

    • I’ve heard that – I’ve been trying to find a consolidated list of where they are legal and not and haven’t been able to find one. Any ideas?

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