Small bits and pieces

With plans to go to Orcas Island on the Sunday, the Saturday was spent doing little bits and pieces that I’ve been putting off for a while.

First up, getting new oars. My old ones were sadly lost at sea so I needed new ones. Luckily my friend David had a bunch of oars from the school he was working at, that they were just throwing out. These were excellent carbon fiber oars, the problem being they were too long


So I cut ’em down, pulled out the handle and reattached it, and then bought at added oarlocks!


Hooray! New dingy oars. Please ignore my terrible hair.

Next up, wiring the light bulbs on my tachometer so I can read the thing in the dark, and not have to shine a torch at it.

I should have done this when I put the thing in, but I forgot.




Next up, putting a vent over the hole I cut when I got high on epoxy fumes



Loads better. I really should have done that a year ago…

I also found a better way to secure the anchor – ratchet strapping it to the toe rail.

The last thing to do was get the old board where I stored the oars (the new oars are now strapped to the portaboat) and use it for storing jerry cans. So I screwed in a couple of pad eyes, and I finally have somewhere to store the gas for the dingy outboard! As well as a jerry can of diesel.

IMG_20151123_200514 (1)

End total – 5 jobs that I’ve been meaning to do for ages, all done! I also refueled and supplied with water, all ready for the trip the next day.





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