Traveler Upgrade

One of the things on my list was to upgrade my traveler.

It was still the original one which was a pretty anemic 2:1, made worse by the fact a bunch of plastic on the blocks had all broken. This meant moving the thing under any kind of load was extremely hard, needed a bunch of cranking on the winch which was a huge hassle. And by hassle I mean ‘utterly shit’

IMG_20151120_162238 IMG_20151120_162229

First, I bought 4 blocks, all doubles, 2 with beckets and 2 without. I also bought 4 small swivels.


Then I removed the old lines


Next, I cut the plastic off the old blocks that were attached to the traveler car using a dremel tool


Then using the new blocks and shackles, I attached the two double blocks with beckets onto the traveler car, and the other two blocks onto the ends of the traveler rail. I then reattached the lines, starting from a bow line at the becket

IMG_20151121_111855 IMG_20151121_111901 IMG_20151120_172459IMG_20151120_172445

This gives me a 5:1 and should be a lot easier to use under heavy wind!


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