Morning sail

So went for a quick spin with my friends Billy, Emma and David. Wind was 15 knots, gusting to 25, so we sailed around for a couple of hours with a reefed main and foresail. David had never been sailing before and it was a great day for it! I was busy trying to appear Stoic and Seaworthy and Salty and it was going great till we went by a boat which was called Foolish Muse. The owner of the boat (Andrew Evans) is the guy who wrote this book so I got like a 14 year old girl at a boyband concert and started embarrassingly shrieking ‘I’VE GOT YOUR BOOK! I’VE GOT YOUR BOOOOOOK’. I hope he couldn’t hear me over the wind! *tugs on collar*

Here a few shots from when we first went out and hadn’t put the headsail up yet

12243385_10153061814496403_1432520460442207420_n 12249675_10153061813601403_7275268953947171334_n

In other news, I need a new traveler. I can’t really adjust mine easily under load and that is a HUGE pain in the dick in high winds. ALso having 4 people on board as ballast to help force the boat upright really makes a difference!


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