Boat moving day!*

*spoiler – not actually moved.

So after my last decision to haul out, I made one last stab at slowing the leak. I slowed it, but realised that there was a ton of water trapped under the new fiberglass, so I removed it, undoing all the work I’d been doing. I then for some reason cut a hole in the panel in front of the transducer, making it easier to access but I have no idea how I’ll fix it back up. I… regret doing that, but onwards and upwards!

So today, it was time to move the boat! I picked up the skipper from Sidney, and shuttled him down. Pre-trip checks went ok, except I forgot to open the raw water intake seacock so there was no water coming out the exhaust. No problem – I opened the seacock and there was STILL not water coming out the exhaust. Uh oh.

We undid the water filter and checked the flow. Water was coming in ok, but it was not being sucked out. Next stop, raw water pump. I took off the raw water pump, and checked the impeller. It LOOKED ok, but I decided to replace the impeller anyway. Except I couldn’t get it out. Taking it to Trotac, it tuned out that the previous owner had jammed it on a weird way – meaning that we had to replace all the insides. Which would be $200. And not back till Friday morning. Shit!

So boat is not going anywhere, still leaking, and I need to figure out what the exhaust problem is, since it may not be the pump. Next step is to attach a host and see if I can get water to move through the heat exchanger.

While I was standing there feeling glum, I saw a flash and a cormorant popped up from under my boat with a fish in it’s mouth. Everything is going to work out, and at least I’m not a fish…



  1. This is almost as painful as Downer Abbey. Can’t anyone just fall in love and live happily ever after? You and your boat MUST not fail!

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