Boat Moving Two*

*still not moving

As an update to my last post, here is a diagram of the front of the engine – I have drawn a box around where the seawater pump was (this is post removal)



And this is the heat exchanger – the seawater goes in here, takes the heat out of the freshwater that is cycled through the engine and then is flushed out the exhaust.



After I finished work, I went back to the boat. First I undid the host that led from the heat exchanger to the elbow, and attached a hose to the end of the hose that went into the heat exchanger and turned it on. Water all over the boat – so water was flowing through the heat exchanger. Next, I connected the hose again and squirted water through – no water coming out of the exhaust still. I then went and unscrewed the exhaust hose from the muffler – and it was full of water. Hmm.

What I think is that either the pressure from the hose wasn’t enough to flush water up the exhaust loop and out and it WAS the seawater pump that was broken, or the exhaust is blocked in some way – however I could see the gas coming out when the engine was running, so I’m not sure that is correct. At least I know the heat exchange is passing water.

One thing that came up while I was mucking around was that I found the host from the pump to the exchanger was very damaged, and looked like it was going to give (it was resting on the sharp corner of a bolt). I pulled it off and will buy a new one tomorrow.



The last thing is that hole I cut that I mentioned in my last post – I took a picture of the location which is below.


Onwards and upwards!


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