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Troubleshooting a light

So a bedside light doesn’t work, and hasn’t since I got the boat. Hmm, what could be wrong? I finally had a bit of time to investigate.   Lets unscrew the middle and have a look! Oh… that can’t be...

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The List

The following is the list of things I need to do still, divided into ‘short term’ (meaning things I need to do before I can move in) and longer term projects Short Term   Make boat watertight – Stop all...

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Raw water system fixin’

As seen in my last post, Windchime wasn’t going anywhere without fixing the cooling system. I had established that water was running through the system ok, so I crossed my fingers and waited for the pump to be returned to...

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Boat Moving Two*

*still not moving As an update to my last post, here is a diagram of the front of the engine – I have drawn a box around where the seawater pump was (this is post removal)   And this is the heat exchanger – the...

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Getting ready

I arrived at my boat and was pleased to see the yard had finished the painting – the bottom looks a lot better now!   I’d planned to fix some of the gel coat that had been scraped off on the hull, but it was...

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So I arrived Saturday morning, laden with cleaning products, ready to start scrubbing the HELL out of the boat. Except – the water was off at the yard. For the forseeable future. Argh. I tried scrubbing with a bucket of...

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Finishing off

The last couple of days have been spent finishing off the two things I started – mainly filling the below-waterline holes, and removing the holding tank. First, the holes – I’d filled them with marine-tex, and...

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Weekend Work

First order of business – fix the holes in the boat. I had drilled them a couple of days before, and let them dry out, since it had to be dry to create a secure bond. Bright sunshine was predicted for the weekend –...

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Doing thangs (cold wet gross thangs)

My next trip to the boat had two objectives – finish removing the exhaust elbow, and get that damn plate off the bottom (it was leaking, and I have no need for a HF radio grounding plate). For the first thing, thanks to my research on the internet, I’d discovered that trying to remove the […]

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Getting Serious

After getting to work extra early and taking some time in lieu after working at the weekend, I managed to get off work at 2, and headed over to the boat. First things first, I contacted Delta Marine and asked them about...

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