So I arrived Saturday morning, laden with cleaning products, ready to start scrubbing the HELL out of the boat. Except – the water was off at the yard. For the forseeable future. Argh.

I tried scrubbing with a bucket of water, but it was SO filthy I 100% needed the fresh clean water from a hose. The pictures below show what I was up against.

IMG_20140201_113654 IMG_20140201_113657



Anyway, with cleaning off the table, I had to find something else to work on. I settled on exploring the plumping, and started clearing stuff off the boat.

Next day, I arrived and the water was STILL off – argh! I finished clearing the boat and decided to check the engine. Below you can see the cleared boat – all the tools are still there, but I’ve removed all the cushions and hatches giving me access to various things. Also it was dark when I took this picture, hence the graininess.


First things first – I checked both the oil dipsticks on the engine. Both were good – next up was the fuel filter, that cup thing shown below. I shut the fuelcock off and unscrewed the cap.

IMG_20140202_164820 IMG_20140202_165044


Unfortunately it was full of diesel – so when I took it off I spilled diesel everywhere. I still smell it on my clothes. However, filter looked fine so onto the next thing! Which was the freshwater impeller, behind this panel



As you can see one of the screws was stripped, so I used my dremel to make a new slit in the screw, and used a flat headed screwdriver to unscrew it. Worked like a charm!

I couldn’t get the cover off however, and I tried undoing the screw on top but ended up squirting antifreeze everywhere. Oops.

With that I decided to call it a night. Hopefully, the water will be back by Tuesday, when I go back and I can start cleaning.


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