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Getting ready for a 12 day trip

Next week I head off for almost two weeks. I plan to go down to Tacoma/Seattle to see some friends, head up to the islands and bum around there for a week and then head back down to Seattle to pick up some portholes from Port...

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Throttle adjustment

On my pedestal, I could push the throttle to around 2600 RPMs under load, but it always went down to ~2100RPM. I’d always assumed this was by design, but apparently not! So I firstly took the compass off and looked at the...

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Movies and Outboards

Short entry today – a couple of days ago I had my first actual acting role in a movie. I felt like a huge fraud, and was with all these career professional actors from LA and was worried that any minute someone would point...

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I got an outboard

Sometimes the universe just comes together. The day after talking to Boat neighbours Joss and Matt about dinghies, a porta-bote finally shows up on craigslist. The day after that, Joss brings me an outboard! It’s...

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Engine bits and bobs

Being a quiet Sunday, I decided to do some miscellaneous bits and pieces on the engine I’d been putting off. First off was to rewire the alternator. This is the original wiring   As you can see, the output from the...

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