Movies and Outboards

Short entry today – a couple of days ago I had my first actual acting role in a movie. I felt like a huge fraud, and was with all these career professional actors from LA and was worried that any minute someone would point at me and be… YOU! YOU DON’T BELONG HERE!

Anyway I was in three scenes and spent all day worrying until it got to my scene where I do most of the talking. And of course, in the blocking stage (readthrough) my mind went blank and I forgot everything. It was terrifying, what with ~30 crew + other actors and background all watching. I got through it ok though, and I guess I didn’t screw up too bad. Although I have no idea how well I did at all. Have to wait till the movie comes out!

Here I am all chefed up


Then yesterday, I decided to make my own outboard bracket to hold the outboard temporarily while I work on it. I got a good piece of wood and went to the marine store to look for fittings… and found they sold outboard mounts for 20 dollars. I’ll just grab one of those then I guess! Sorry DIY.


Lastly, I turned the porta-bote round on the bow. I think it looks better this way.

IMG_20150320_174700-EFFECTS (1)




    • I kinda lucked into it, I do occasional extra work in my spare time and then the agent I had for that put me in for the modelling and acting sides, so then I got an audition and somehow got the part

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