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Trip to Orcas

So after all my hubris in my last post, I did not actually sail over. My ankle is still pretty bad, and for a solo trip it just seemed like a big ol’ bad idea. And I’ve had a few of those recently, and am trying to...

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I’m not dead

I haven’t posted anything for a while, because I’ve been mostly in pain for the last two weeks so it would just be endless whining about my foot and NO-ONE wants to read that. Oh for the record, my foot is now up to...

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One year living on a boat

First up, this is an extremely long and rambling post, with far more than it’s fair share of navel-gazing. You’ve been warned. I’d missed talking about the one year anniversary of owning the boat back in...

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Race to Alaska

I’ve been in Ottawa on a work trip the last little while, and pretty much had no time to do anything else – though I leave tomorrow, YEAH! I hope Gudgeon is ok. Anyway, blowing off the dust off this blog to talk...

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The top three things I need to do are – waterproof engine hatch –  get cupboards made – rig up wireless booster and antenna …. and I haven’t done anything on them. I’ve been feeling...

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Movies and Outboards

Short entry today – a couple of days ago I had my first actual acting role in a movie. I felt like a huge fraud, and was with all these career professional actors from LA and was worried that any minute someone would point...

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Bachelor Moments

I had one of ‘those’ moments the other night. On attempting to scavenge something to eat and finding I hadn’t been shopping for a number of days, I decided on a cheese sandwich. Except the bread was...

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Keepin’ on

So on a cool note – I got the part in the movie I auditioned for! I think I was more shocked than pleased, since it was my first ever audition and I had no idea what I was doing AND I was a bit late because I got the...

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…. AND I CAN’T WAIT. The sun has been out constantly for the last week or so, and the temperature has stuck around 11c, and it almost feels warm in the sun! In a fit of hubris, I’ve taken down my bimini (which...

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