I’m not dead

I haven’t posted anything for a while, because I’ve been mostly in pain for the last two weeks so it would just be endless whining about my foot and NO-ONE wants to read that. Oh for the record, my foot is now up to damaged ligaments on both sides, a damaged achilles tendon, nerve damage and a possible broken bone in the foot they missed the first time. Apparently the person who tackled me was a dump truck in disguise.

Anyway this weekend I took a break from my usual routine of ‘limping around slowly and getting in the way’ and did the start of the new crew course for RCM-SAR (Royal Canadian Marine Search and Rescue). This is the equivalent of the royal lifeboat institution in the UK, not sure what the equivalent in the US is. Basically volunteer coastguard who go save people at sea.

So it’s the first day and everyone is introducing themselves and the first three people are this Navy firefighter, a wildness survival expert, and a trekking guide/base jumper. Which you know, kind of made me feel slightly inadequate, even if I wasn’t hobbling around like Tiny Tim.

The weekend was interesting and I think it will be great for me. Which is good – cos everything else is kind of going to shit right now. Sigh. For dinner tonight I had one (1) beer and about 15 cookies, both which came from the crew of the Nancy Blackett. I’m an adult guys!

PS – Team Mau are still killing it, after getting stuck for 3 days in 35 knot winds in the Johnsten Straight. http://tracker.r2ak.com/




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