Planning for my first international trip

‘International Trip’. It sounds so grand doesn’t it?!

As it turns out, it’s just a short jaunt across the Haro Straight to the San Juan islands


I plan to head tomorrow to Orcas Island to pal around with my friend Elysee for a couple of days. This still means that I need to cross a border, so have to clear customs at Friday Harbour, which is an entirely separate island! Oh well, sure I’ll manage. Whole trip should take 6 hours at 5 knots – I’m going to try to sail as much as possible, so I’m leaving early in the morning. It’s the longest solo journey I’ve done by far, and the first time I would have anchored out solo so I’m a lil nervous – I’m sure it will be fine though. I hope. I have an AIS transponder so if you check out you can follow my progress (hi mum!)

My registration went through finally – so Gudgeon is officially registered with number 839076. I have the paper and everything! One more thing to cross off the list.

All this of course is dependant on how my ankle is. It feels a lot better today, and with a brace, I am sure I will be totally fine.

Also I noticed my 200th post was me whining about my ankle. SO lame!


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