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Sailing through a winter storm

This weekend was Halloween, and my friend Elyess had invited me over to Orcas to a couple of parties, and in addition, I had shipped a bunch of stuff from Amazon to her so I went to pick it up and save on shipping. Midday Friday...

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Power and Whales

I’m now at Orcas Island visiting my friend Elsyee, after spending two days at Saltspring, where I found my battery wasn’t keeping up. Originally I thought it was bad, but then after running the numbers I realised...

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First multi-day trip

So last weekend I went on my first multi-day trip! And didn’t die! All photos are from my mobile phone because I forgot to charge my fancy camera’s battery before we left. Oops. We took this route   There was a...

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Trip to Orcas

So after all my hubris in my last post, I did not actually sail over. My ankle is still pretty bad, and for a solo trip it just seemed like a big ol’ bad idea. And I’ve had a few of those recently, and am trying to...

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