First sail of the year

And what a marvelous sail it was! I had plans to go out with Emma on the Sunday, but she called mid-sat and said she got sent home from work early, and would it be possible to go today? Sure can!

Well the sun was out, so it didn’t take much persuading. While I was tromping around prepping the boat I ran into the Nancy Blackett crew, Matt and Jocye – turns out they were going out as well! This was great as we could take photos of each others boats like the bunch of Spoiled Pampered Millennials that we are

It was a gorgeous day, when we finally got the main up (had a bit of trouble as it was wound around the topping lift)


And we saw the Nancy Blackett in the distance, as they tacked round to come and say hi


Video below, taken by Emma (HOLD THE PHONE THE OTHER WAY EMMA)

Highlight of the trip was seeing an orca pod in the distance – one of the babies came to check us out, and then a big male swam along side us and the NB 

wp-1451799806371.jpg wp-1451799806355.jpg

And with that, and the sun going down, it was time to head in.

wp-1451799806957.jpg wp-1451799806952.jpg wp-1451799807037.jpg




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