Finalising the ethernet network

More nerd stuff I am afraid. Probably the last for a while though!

After installing the GoFree Wifi I had to permanently install all the wiring.

Unfortunately, I had too many ethernet ports now, so I had to get a switch for the boat. I got the NEP-2 from Simrad. It’s pricey, but the cost of converting all the simrad network jacks to RJ45 and using a normal switch would have been about the same, and the NEP-2 uses VERY little power and is marine specced.


Here is the logical internal ethernet network.


This carries the radar data, internet that I receive from my wireless internet antenna bullet, and info to/from the MFD. The MFD also acts as a multiplexer, turning NMEA2000 data into ethernet so it can be broadcast wirelessly over the GoFree hotspot. The NMEA2000 network has the data from the GPS, wind speed, AIS, electronic compass etc etc.

Meaning – I have ONE internal boat network I can connect all my devices too, which can get internet and readings from all the instruments!

Access to the network is controlled by two breakers, a general ‘network’ switch which controls the NMEA2000 network, the enthernet hub and the gofree device and a switch labelled ‘internet’ which controls power to the ubuntu bullet. The MFD has it’s own breaker.

One more change I may do is to see if I can get a separate NMEA2000 multiplexer and link the Gofree Wifi directly to the NMEA2000 network, meaning I don’t have to have my MFD on to pick up my instrument readings.

I installed the gofree on the other side of the bulkhead from the radios on the starboard side, and the NEP-2 opposite it.

wp-1451581683364.jpg wp-1451581636715.jpg

Happy new year everyone!



    • If I am in range of an open wireless network, yes! I think there is actually one in range of where i anchor in WestSound

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