Two years of owning a boat

That’s right, two years ago I bought the first (and so far only) boat I’ve owned. Looking back it seems like such an incredibly long time ago, especially since so much has happened in other areas of my life since then.

Also I am surprised I didn’t kill myself accidentally or give up in a panic, considering I didn’t even really know how to use an electric drill before, own any tools, and had never touched a boat and now I’m going on two week solo trips and building a windvane from stainless steel and wood. Y’all ok to stand there for a lil’ bit while I pat myself on the back? You are? Good.

Ok, done now.

I’ve met some amazing people through sailing and have discovered what I think may be a life long passion!

Here’s to owning (and living) on a sailboat for as long as I am still able!


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