Trip to Orcas

So after all my hubris in my last post, I did not actually sail over. My ankle is still pretty bad, and for a solo trip it just seemed like a big ol’ bad idea. And I’ve had a few of those recently, and am trying to break the streak.

Instead, I hopped on the ferry to Friday harbour on San Juan island, where my friend Elyess and two of her friends were waiting to pick me up in a little boat and make the 45 minute trip to Orcas.


It was a beautiful evening

That evening, Elysee cooked goat heart tacos, because she is METAL AS FUCK



The next day, we did some bee keeping

The smoke puts the bees to sleep apparently



Bees are straight up amazing, and even with a couple of hives you get a TON of stuff – honey, bee glue and beeswax. Plus they pollinate your garden!

wpid-wp-1435078002316.jpg wpid-wp-1435078003616.jpg wpid-wp-1435078003516.jpg   wpid-wp-1435078005350.jpg


Scraping the honeycomb and straining it


I want bees so bad. Maybe I can tow a few hives around on a barge – that will make me popular in marinas, I am sure, rollin’ on up in a boat covered with bees. At least until the first stiff breeze and the whole thing capsizes and sinks, leaving a cloud of very angry and confused bees.

I also played with the chickens


Not quite sure whats up with my hair, kind of a lego man vibe going on.

At the end of the weekend, I had almost totally de-stressed, my foot felt a ton better and MAYBE I GET COULD SOME SAILING IN ON THIS SAILING BLOG PERCHANCE

Also I want to live on a small island. Sigh. One day. Also I scored a free sweet wool shirt, after it looked a ton better on me. Result!








  1. If you keep intentionally spelling my name wrong I’m not inviting you back

      • I guess I should point out to your readers that when you say “we” did some beekeeping, you mean that I worked the hives while you cowered in fear off to the side and refused to get close.

  2. Kinda glad you didn’t sail over! I can only imagine how straining that would have been. Hope you’re less gimpy sooner rather than later.

    • Yeah, it would have been a terrible idea and I probably wouldn’t have made it. Ankle is a lot better – apparently I just need three days of relaxing and good food! Thanks for well wishes

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