When I looked back at the ‘one year living on a boat’ post I actually discovered I moved on at the start of June, not July. Oops. So I guess this is a ‘2 years and a month and a bit’ post. I’m nothing if not constantly late for stuff.

I’m amazed at how fast the time has gone, though that’s probably less ‘living on a boat’ than ‘getting into your mid-30s’. Apart from that, nothing has really changed. Work got crappy. My happiness has fluctuated up and down with the gently rolling inevitability of the ocean (believe me I tried for 5 minutes to think of a less trite simile but I failed so OCEAN IT IS)

I’ve decided to go around the world in a couple of years, which I think maybe has made things worse, as now I just feel I’m killing time until my I’ve saved enough money. Everything feels temporary again, and unsettled. It’s hard to shake the feeling of running on the spot.

I also calculated I spent around 4/5 weeks of nights at anchor last year, which meant I was at anchor for a whole month out of the year! That’s pretty cool.

A feature of the last year has been a steady march to being self-sufficient, with the addition of solar power, increased battery banks and an auto-pilot. I’ll be able to stay somewhere almost indefinitely, as long as I can get food and water. I’m going around the island in 2 weeks which will take 4 weeks, that will be a good test.

Really not much else to write, but two years. Crazy!


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