Two years living on a boat

When I looked back at the ‘one year living on a boat’ post I actually discovered I moved on at the start of June, not July. Oops. So I guess this is a ‘2 years and a month and a bit’ post. I’m nothing if not constantly late for stuff.

I’m amazed at how fast the time has gone, though that’s probably less ‘living on a boat’ than ‘getting into your mid-30s’. Apart from that, nothing has really changed. Work got crappy. My happiness has fluctuated up and down with the gently rolling inevitability of the ocean (believe me I tried for 5 minutes to think of a less trite simile but I failed so OCEAN IT IS)

I’ve decided to go around the world in a couple of years, which I think maybe has made things worse, as now I just feel I’m killing time until my I’ve saved enough money. Everything feels temporary again, and unsettled. It’s hard to shake the feeling of running on the spot.

I also calculated I spent around 4/5 weeks of nights at anchor last year, which meant I was at anchor for a whole month out of the year! That’s pretty cool.

A feature of the last year has been a steady march to being self-sufficient, with the addition of solar power, increased battery banks and an auto-pilot. I’ll be able to stay somewhere almost indefinitely, as long as I can get food and water. I’m going around the island in 2 weeks which will take 4 weeks, that will be a good test.

Really not much else to write, but two years. Crazy!




  1. Congrats on you anniversary. When you are at piece with your decisions time really has relavance. Enjoy your time here on earth and live the life you wish.

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