The top three things I need to do are

– waterproof engine hatch

–  get cupboards made

– rig up wireless booster and antenna

…. and I haven’t done anything on them. I’ve been feeling exceptionally unmotivated this week in all areas of my life, maybe I need a holiday? I’m not sure. It raises the spectre of me only being motivated and active when I am upset about something. Which would not be great, at all.

In fairness to me, it’s been a pretty busy week. I got accepted for the child mentor program I applied for, so now I am volunteering for that, work is ramping up and I had to work late (with no overtime) several nights and on top of that I have to move my boat to Sooke tomorrow, solo, to an unfamiliar harbour and I am a bit worried about it. There is a sandbar so I have to go over at a certain water level, or I’ll run aground and get stuck. Not good times, as you can imagine.

Anyway, I finally got my arse in gear and hooked up the running lights I’d installed a few weeks ago. Finally.



Both the bow lights and the stern light together draw only 0.3 amps, and are USCG certified to 2nm. Nice! Note the ‘running lights’ and ‘spreader lights’ labels are inaccurate on the main panel, having been replaced by the dedicated nav light panel – I really need to change them.



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