Getting ready

I arrived at my boat and was pleased to see the yard had finished the painting – the bottom looks a lot better now!



I’d planned to fix some of the gel coat that had been scraped off on the hull, but it was pouring rain, so I decided to finish putting the exhaust elbow on the engine.

First, I got some new exhaust hose and clamps to go with the new elbow



You can see the flange on the right there – the old elbow was jammed in it so tight I had to get the yard to lend me a vice. They were also nice enough to screw this one back in, involving a giant vice and a huge wrench. That’s not coming off in a hurry though!

Then I crawled into one of the lazarettes to access the engine. This is what the space looked like before the elbow went back on


I screwed the flange back onto the engine, and slipped the hoses onto the elbow and clammed them like so



And then did the same to the other end of the hose, which attaches to the muffler



The completed thing looked like this



Bonus selfie of me pulling a weird face in a very cramped space



After that I was done for the day!

Only other thing that happened is my mini-dehumidfier arrived, so I plugged it in and will be leaving it on. It came with a drip tray, which I attached a hose to and pointed at the sink.



I’m away for work stuff for the next 5 days, but when I come back I think it’s time to move to the boats new home!


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