As seen in my last post, Windchime wasn’t going anywhere without fixing the cooling system. I had established that water was running through the system ok, so I crossed my fingers and waited for the pump to be returned to me. Below, you can see the repaired pump.



And with the cover on!



Once I had screwed the cover on, it was time to reinstall it. I had a bit of trouble getting it into the right position, since the belt had to be taut and that made it a bit awkward. A bit of mucking around and it was firmly screwed in place!

pump installed


You can see it here – it’s that wheel at the bottom right, under the oil filter. The belt turns the wheel which turns the impeller which moves water round! Simple!

After installing it all back, I decided to test it out. The engine started immediately, and I straight away heard the sound of water coming out of the exhaust! I went round the side to check – and success!

If I have time tomorrow I am going to check out the tach, and see why that isn’t working. Else, move on Monday!

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