The List

The following is the list of things I need to do still, divided into ‘short term’ (meaning things I need to do before I can move in) and longer term projects

Short Term


Make boat watertight

– Stop all Saltwater leaks (COMPLETED!!)

– Stop all Freshwater leaks (this will be next – first thing will be to seal up some of the random holes that the ‘actual’ previous owner drilled in the deck – apparently trying to attach the dodger.) It’s actually pretty leakproof already. Another thing is I have to seal the engine hatch.

Redo plumbing system

– Change out all hoses

– Scrub and flush tanks

– Add new filters

– Add in new toilet

Check Propane System

– Use the ‘soapy water’ test to look for leaks

– Add in solenoid and sniffer system for safety

Check/Redo Electrical System

– This is the biggy. Check and label every single wire in the boat.

– Remove any that are not needed.

– Redo connections, using junction boxes

– hook up new depthsounder

Engine Overhaul

– Swap out both filters

– Fix the tachometer and check wiring on the rest of the panel

– Clean engine and change oil

– Get spares for all engine parts

Clean Everything

Divided into 4 parts

– Clean the front of the boat (including V Berth, old holding tank compartment and bathroom)

– Clean the middle of the boat (sofa area, gallery, wet closet)

– Clean Blige (including resealing the compression post, scrubbing the blige till its nice and clean and MAYBE repainting it)

– Clean back of boat (cockpit, engine room, engine, under cockpit)

Long Term

– Clean up outside (re-gelcoat areas that need it, wax everything, redo non-skid

– fix ‘soft deck’ (deck is cored and water has got into the plywood core in some deck areas)

– check/redo rigging

– redo bilge pumps (needs a high capacity one installed for the backup)

– new anchor

– install windless

– install downriggers (hell yeah)

– install radar/ASIS


As you can see that is quite the list – should keep me busy for quite a while! I think in order it will be leaks -> clean front – > clean middle -> electrical -> propane -> plumbing but I’m sure there will be some overlap.





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