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Leak continued

After I finished the last entry, I realised that Canadian Tire had some Water-Weld (by JB Weld) and they closed at 9. So off to Canadian Tire I went. I picked some up and had an attempt at putting some on. I felt like I had...

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Tracking down leaks

One thing I’ve been noticing is a lot of water in the bilge. I thought this was just fresh water from rain/snow, but it’s been dry for several days and the bilge was still filling up, so I decided it was time I...

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Finishing off

The last couple of days have been spent finishing off the two things I started – mainly filling the below-waterline holes, and removing the holding tank. First, the holes – I’d filled them with marine-tex, and...

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Weekend Work

First order of business – fix the holes in the boat. I had drilled them a couple of days before, and let them dry out, since it had to be dry to create a secure bond. Bright sunshine was predicted for the weekend –...

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