Leak continued

After I finished the last entry, I realised that Canadian Tire had some Water-Weld (by JB Weld) and they closed at 9. So off to Canadian Tire I went.

I picked some up and had an attempt at putting some on. I felt like I had reduced the leaking substantially and it was late so I called it a night.

The next day I got there and found that all the putty had not set yet – which wasn’t right since it was supposed to set in 15 minutes. I looked it up and figured that either

– I didn’t mash it together enough


– it was too cold

To cover my bases, I stuck the space heater on the area, and rubbed the putty before sticking it. Success! The new stuff hardened in 15 minutes. I pulled off as much of the old, failed putty as I could and went to work.


It was tough – I could cover an area with putty but some water would still find it’s way through. I covered an area with putty, and then used quick-dry epoxy over the top, and a couple of drops STILL found their way through. A lot less though.

After 10 hours it was time to pack up for the day. I got a lot of it, but I hope to finish off tomorrow – at least stop the water intrusion entirely. After that, I still plan to fibreglass the whole thing in.


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