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Float switch woes

My float switch for the ‘OH SHIT’ bilge pump had always been a bit flaky and just stopped working one day (incidentally this is why it’s worth testing every couple days) Replacing was dead easy – except...

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My new smartplug socket (to replace existing, slightly dodgy existing shorepower socket), shorepower cord and Blue Seas AC/DC panel arrived today! Just waiting for the galvanic isolator and the ELCI switch and we are in business...

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Adjusting the stuffing box (part 1)

So after my boat arrived back in Victoria (the person who moved it commented it felt smoother, so I guess that prop fix did help), he mentioned there was a lot of water in the bilge! Oh no! My first thought was that the new...

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Leak continued

After I finished the last entry, I realised that Canadian Tire had some Water-Weld (by JB Weld) and they closed at 9. So off to Canadian Tire I went. I picked some up and had an attempt at putting some on. I felt like I had...

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Tracking down leaks

One thing I’ve been noticing is a lot of water in the bilge. I thought this was just fresh water from rain/snow, but it’s been dry for several days and the bilge was still filling up, so I decided it was time I...

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Doing thangs (cold wet gross thangs)

My next trip to the boat had two objectives – finish removing the exhaust elbow, and get that damn plate off the bottom (it was leaking, and I have no need for a HF radio grounding plate). For the first thing, thanks to my research on the internet, I’d discovered that trying to remove the […]

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