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Fixing side scuppers

One of the things I had been meaning to do for ages but hadn’t actually done, was unplug the drains on the side deck. You can’t see it in the photo here but this is actually under an inch of standing water....

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Installing the head

So, I diverted a bit from normal practice here and had long ago decided to use a composting head instead of a ‘normal’ marine head – you may remember me pulling out all the head plumbing and holding tank.  A...

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Finishing off the plumbing

It was time to finish off the plumbing. First, I installed the new taps in the bathroom   The old ones were pretty grotty as you can see. Again, I had a huge problem getting these things off and had to resort to a large nut...

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New hot water heater

The heater that came with the boat was of unknown age, and I had no idea what condition the inside was. It was a pretty good brand so it may have been ok – I decided to replace it anyway. I ordered a 8 gallon SPA Isotherm...

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Running water at last

After 3 different attempts, none of which fitted, I finally managed on the fourth attempt to get some fittings that attached     All that was left to do was plug in the other ends to the pump     Next up, I...

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Finally got the taps off

I had to go back and try to find a 1 1/16 socket – and even then I couldn’t budge the nuts by hand. I had to put in on the impact driver, and finally they came loose! I installed the majority of the new faucet, but...

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Plumbing part 2 – PLUMBING SUCKS

So after I got the water pump installed, I decided that it would be a good idea to replace the faucet as well, since it was EXTREMELY gross on the inside. Also I am a classy fellow, and a nice new tap would help to reflect that...

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Plumbing Part One – Water Pump

Now the battery stuff was all hooked up, it was time to install the water pump. First I ran some tubing from both the tanks, and put on a Y connector, then I ran it to a stepdown adapter (from 3/4″ to 1/2″) and then...

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