New hot water heater

The heater that came with the boat was of unknown age, and I had no idea what condition the inside was. It was a pretty good brand so it may have been ok – I decided to replace it anyway.

I ordered a 8 gallon SPA Isotherm – the SPA line is the discount line of Isotherms range, they are still stainless on the inside but have a plastic outside.



Removing the old hot water heater was a massive pain. I had to remove the exhaust muffler and then remove the blocks it was mounted on.

Finally it was out.


This is the space where it came out of. Gross.


I cleaned it up as best I could.

Then it was time to install the new heater. First, I used sealant and attached 4 hose barbs onto the water heater.



Then it was time to try to jam it in place – it was a big bigger than was comfortable – I should have got the 6 gallon. Greedy Matthew!

Eventually I found an angle that it would fit, and secured it down. I attached the water hoses and ran them back into the cabin. Man, I hate plumbing!




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