Engine Refresh Part 1 – Heat Exchanger

First thing to do was to move the heat away from it’s old position – IE above the batteries. In this position, if it vented coolant, it would vent right onto the batteries, which would not be a particularly great thing to happen. You can see it in the picture below at the bottom.


Once i removed it, I decided to take a peek inside – it was hella gross. So I took it to a radiator shop to get cleaned and re-soldered. I also had to replace the zinc on the thing.

Next I had to decide where to mount it. I decide on the starboard lazarette. You may ask why I didn’t leave it where it was, and move the batteries over to the starboard lazarette, thereby saving a lot of wiring and time and money, and in return I’d tell you to shut up and yell at you until you left. Ahem.

To mount the heat exchange, I nabbed some spare wood from work, and drilled two 1/2 holes through it. I then did the same with the fiberglass lining, and then attached the wood to the inside of the lazarette with two 1/2 stainless steel bolts, like so.



View from inside cockpit


Then, time to mount the heat exchange to the mounting block.


And here it is after connecting all the engine hoses! (Next update)



Last thing to do was fill full of coolant.


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