Engine Refresh Part 2 – Hoses and strainers

Next on the list was to replace most of the engine hose.

I didn’t have enough to do all of it, so I replaced the heat exchanger hose, the fuel hose and the raw water hose.

Since the heat exchange had now moved over the other side, I had to mount the hoses around the engine compartment. To do this I used zip ties and screwed in mouting plates that looked like this


You can see how the hose runs.


Once that was done it was time to look at the raw water strainer.

I had an old perko, extremely well made


However the strainer was missing (SOMEONE had chucked it out earlier not realising what it was). When I went to buy a new one I saw that it cost 120 bucks! What!!

I didn’t want to pay that, so I bought another strainer for 37 bucks, and mounted it.


It kind of blogs the engine door from shutting, so I have to move it back a tad, but apart from that, it works a treat!



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