Engine Refresh Part 3 – Changing the oil and filters

The last thing to do here was change the oil, and change the 3 filters – primary filter, secondary filter and the oil filter.

First was the Primary filter – this is a rancor filter and first in line in the fuel system. Originally it had a 2 micron filter but I am going to change it to a 10 micron, since the secondary filter is 3 micron.




I used a pair of filter pliers to pull off the filter – looking inside it was hella gross. You can see the replacement filter behind it.







Next stage was to remove the bowl off the bottom – this was really hard and I almost gave up. I ended up having to grab the filter with the filter pliers and the ‘turning knobs’ with a normal pair of pliers and twisting with all my strength. Eventually it came off!







I washed out the bowl, attached it to the bottom of the new filter, and then attached that to the engine, and turned the fuel back on.

Next was the secondary filter, attached to the engine.


This is a yanmar filter and looked fine



Probably because the filter upstream was a 2 micron, so nothing got through that that would get filtered by this one.

Last was the oil change and oil filter change.

First, I ran the engine to warm up the oil, then tried this


This is was utterly, totally shit and I gave up on it after 30mins of frantically pumping.

I went to get something else, and ended up with some vacuum pump thing that connected to the wet vac I own and sucked it into a container. The gearbox oil took around 15mins, and I refilled it with the correct ATF (the previous owner appears to have incorrectly used some kind of oil).
Then it was time to do the crankcase oil. It took 4 hours because the batteries kept dying and I had to keep recharging them – finally it was done. Then I changed the oil filter. Here is the old one


Note that it is side mounted, so as soon as it is unscrewed oil pours out. Lovely. I put a plastic bag under it but a ton still went everywhere.

Then I needed to screw the new one on, which was easy, and refill the oil. Once that was done, all that was left to do was bleed the engine! This took a long time of pumping a tiny little handle on the injection pump and watching bubbles ooze out. Finally, that was done and the engine started with a roar!

It seems to be able to run at a lot lower RPM now without stalling, which is great.



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