Wiring the starter circuit

As part of the electrical rehaul, I had removed all circuit wiring.

After wiring up the house battery some weeks ago, now it was time for the starter circuit. This would be controlled by a single on/off switch, as part of the push to isolate the start circuit entirely. First things first – drill out the hole for the new starter switch.



I had to move the charger of this (blocking up the hole I was using to thread the power cable through – hence why I wired up the the external outlet yesterday).



Here is the back of the switch, after I wired it.

Next, I had to hook it up to the starter.

Here is the old cable – not only is it really under sized, its also not a marine cable and appears to be a automobile one with a cheap crappy lug on it. SAE size 4, whatever that is.


I replaced it with some AVG 1/0, which should be plenty big enough. The engine should start easier as well!


Note the lug size difference.

With the wiring from the switch to the starter done, the last thing to do was run a positive cable from the switch to the starter battery, and then a negative cable from the battery to the ground hub.



Note the mess of wires from the battery charger – I am going to have to clear that all up.

The very final thing to do was install the echo charger I bought.

This cool device monitors the house battery, and when it’s fully charged starts shipping charge over the to the starter. That way, I can run all my charging sources (alternator, solar, shorepower) to the house battery and not worry about faffing about with different battery selection switches. Here it is below




I go into more detail on my planning in the earlier blog post here

I still have to install that link between the selector switch and the starter, but I will do that another time.

After leaving some time for the battery to charge, I gave it a shot and it fired right up! Perfect!



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