Installing external Outlet

Ok, so this isn’t really external (it’s under the port side Lazarette and still therefore covered) but it was outside the main cabin and therefore needed some extra measures taken. This was going to be where the battery charger plugged in – Up till now I had run the cabin through a hole in the bulkhead into the cabin, but I was covering that hole up.

First things first I had to drill mounting holes in the back



I was really nervous about my drill, but it managed to drill a hole ok.

Note the sealant on the back, after I did up the holes in the box.

Next I mounted the box, on the bulkhead



Next thing to do was to screw in the outlet and wire up the connections. No pictures cos I’ve done this what seems like a thousand times by now.

Last thing was to screw the case on and wire up the other side into the panel. Done!




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