Bilge pump system redesign – part 2

Once the lower capacity, automatic ‘maintenance’ bilge pump was in place, it was time to add the ‘oh shit’ pump – this ones sole purpose was to pump out a ton of water in as short as time as possible.

To this end I picked up a 2000GPM pump.



This was more of a beast, and required 15amp fuse wired at the pump.

The pump is wired DIRECT to the batteries, since I always want it to be on, and so it needed another inline fuse by the battery, to protect the wire. It is a manual pump, so uses the old float switch from the old installation to trip the pump. For the hose, I used the outlet from the previous pump (since the new small pump is now going to the cockpit).


I had to run 10AVG cable round the other side of the boat rather than through the bilge.

I made sure to ziptie the wiring as high as possible above the bilge. Here is me finishing off the wiring


The idea is that if there is a major ingress of water, this pump will activate, and push out a large quantity of water, leaving the smaller pump to ‘tidy up’ any small amount of water that is left.

The following diagram shows our layout



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