Designing the fuel system for the heater

Fresh from a week-long trip to Ottawa (which helpfully rained freezing rain the whole time and reminded me why I do not live in Ottawa anymore) I have decided my goal is to finally, FINALLY finish the damn heater install. This was also helped by some pretty knarly winter storms.

So anyway, the two things left to do are to hook up the power to the fan (not an issue) and install the fuel system (actually a giant pain in the arse).

So, this is what I am currently thinking


The rancor filter has two outputs on it, only one is currently in use (which feeds to the engine). My plan is to plumb off the other one using an anti-siphon value, followed by a shutoff valve, and then a simple fuel pump. This will fill a small (2 gallon) day tank which will then feed the heater by the magic of gravity. I’ll refill the day tank using the fuel pump manually when it gets low.

Now, by plumbing the line out from the filter instead of the fuel tank, there is the risk that when the engine is running it’d suck aerated fuel from the heater line and stall the engine, however with the fuel shutoff valve (which I’ll leave closed when I am not actively filling the day tank) it should be fine. The only disadvantage is that I can’t fill the day tank when the engine is running – but that’s ok. I’ll be able to run the heater off the day tank for probably two days, and if I’m motoring solid for two days I’m probably out of fuel by then anyway 😉

I’ve got some copper lines and fuel hose, now all I need is the day tank, of which I am having a bunch of trouble finding one.



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