Finishing off the heater

Three things left to do

Firstly, add a fan.

I had two old fans that came with the boat, neither worked. So I took them apart.

I discovered that one of the soldered connections had come off, so I reattached it with a different wire


And then wired it to the same circuit the pump + heater were on.



Here it is installed.


Sadly it’s REALLY noisy so I’m actually going to replace it. What a bunch of wasted effort!

Next up was the vent hose.

First, drill a hole in the hull (gulp)


Then screw the vent in from outside



Then connect the vent hose to the tank outlet and the vent




Lastly, I had to put the overflow tube from the heater somewhere properly.

So I ziptied an empty bottle to the wall and redirected the tubing into a hole I drilled into it



Thank goodness that’s all finished – it was by far the most time consuming and hardest thing I’ve done so far.


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