Adding a filter and fuel shutoff below the gravity tank

Exactly what it sounds like.

I ended up using the Dickinson one which was pricey but small and looks smart, and also has a shutoff switch on it.

image (1)

Here it is installed.

I had to interrupt the copper tubing and flare it to connect – here is the flaring kit in full swing

image (2)

And here it is fully installed


Not hard to do, just messy. I burned all the fuel from the tank using the heater, but some still dribbled out. In addition, I didn’t put one of the flare fittings on correctly, so when I ran the pump, diesel squirted everywhere, arrghgh.

Luckily, if you are going to squirt highly explosive fuel everywhere, diesel is not a bad one to do it with, being a lot harder to light or make explode than petrol (gasoline) or propane.


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