First time salmon fishing

I finished up the downrigger install – this involved installing the plug for the power, attaching a 30amp fuse and then adding a 30amp breaker into the panel to replace the 15amp existing one. Once that was all done, I added a easy retrieve sleeve to the downrigger.

Then today the weather looked calm enough so I rounded up my boat neighbour billy and off we went.

After a bit of fiddling around, I ended up with using a Coho Killer on a 24″ leader with a flasher. Much to everyones surprise, we got a solid bite (of course this happened when everyone was standing with glasses of water) and I managed to actually hook into a fish!

Sadly it got away (probably not helped by the fact that in the excitment we forgot to switch into neutral so were powering ahead still with the fish on) but it bodes well for next time – and it was an extremely nice way to spend a Saturday afternoon. First time I had been out of the dock for around 3 months as well, so it was good to shake off some of the rust.





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