Adding Cabin LEDs

One of the things on my ‘non-urgent’ list was to replace all my lights with LEDs for two reasons

1) They draw 1/5 of the power

2) They are extremely relialbe.

After doing a ton of research, I finally went to

These guys have very reasonable prices on their lights, the nav lights are USCG certified to 2nm AND the whole shipment to Canada was only 20 dollars! Amazing!

I ended up getting 1 red 360, 1 green 360, a steaming/deck light combo, 2 spreader lights, a dome light, a bi-colour nav light, a stern light and two strip lights.

Here is the haul


First thing to do was replace the light in the bathroom, since it hadn’t worked for a month.

First I took out the old CFL bulb


This allowed me to unscrew the fitting

When I pulled out the fitting, I found that much to my surprise, the previous owner had used heat shrink fasteners like I use! He just… hadn’t heat shrunk them.


I heat shrunk them, then attached the new wires to the old wires and jammed the whole mess back into the lining (this was a lot harder than it looked and I actually had to drill the hole a lot larger)



And then reattached the LED bulb once I mounted the fitting


Here is it completed. Finally, a bathroom light again!



Then I decided to tackle the main dome light in the main cabin.

First I removed it



Here it is on the table



The connectors had female connectors on, so I crimped on a pair of males


And here it is installed.


After testing

Both LED lights are considerably BRIGHTER than the ones they replaced! And as for the power draw…

Dome Light –                Old: 1.1 amps                 New:  0.2 amps

Strip light                      Old: 0.8 amps                 New:  0.4 amps

A lot more lumens for a lot less power draw and longer life? Sounds like a no-brainer to me! The reduced power draw especially will be extra useful once I start voyaging around.


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