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Still cleanin’ on

Except now I’ve done the whole V Berth, Bathroom and Closet. Next is the main cabin – I’ve taken the time to start pulling out wire that isn’t hooked up to anything – so far I’ve got this out...

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Still cleaning

Ugh. I hate it so. But look at this bathroom cabinet! (before pic is in previous post) On another note, I tried to take the cushion covers off to wash them and was unsuccessful. I think I’ll have to get all the upholstery...

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So I haven’t updated for a while, and the reason for that is that I got onto the ‘Cleaning’ part of the project. I’m really bad at cleaning, so ‘cleaning’ meant ‘do 5 minutes of...

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Rebedding anchor locker drain hole

So I started cleaning this compartment at the front of the V Berth   As I was doing so, I noticed the pipe in there was FILTHY, so I removed it Here shows where it was, just below that white bulge.   Here is is. Yuk....

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Of transducers, gelcoat and cleaning

So I took a half day at work today and went to work on my boat. First of all, I stuck my head into the office of the boatyard to see if they had done anything on my boat yet – turns out they were expecting me to be out on...

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Next Steps

Now the boat is in Fisherman’s Wharf, I’ve had to think exactly what steps I needed to take to get her ready to live on. The first thing I decided was to remove as much stuff as I could from the inside, including...

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After a long few days of sub-zero temperatures, meaning the water at the yard wasn’t working, it finally warmed up enough so the water started running again. Which meant that I couldn’t postpone cleaning any...

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